What does fasting mean?




Fasting basically is another sacrifice for our Lord which involves obstaining from eating certain kinds of food. This, however, isn't just done for physical appearances. It is done for many spiritual beliefs and results. Fasting is a good medical advice to do when sick, because you will lose interest in eating and stay healthy. Not only this treatment in health wise is well, but a fast way of obtaining the weight you want, and loosing weight. However, fasting is only done for spirtual reasons. They are adding blessing for the Loord that suffered
for everyone. If you want to fast the right way, like Jesus he stayed without food and drank water only for forty days. Everyones body can go with days without food, but without water it will be difficult. While fasting, you are to break an unhealthy addictive happite you do. You will cleanse your body spirtualy and will obtain much victory over the devil. Fasting builds our faiths. First way of disciplining yourself is by putting yourself on the fasting program and letting yourself fast and see if you can last.







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